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About Whitney & LIW Collaborative

The LIW Collaborative was founded in 2022 by Whitney Read, LCSW-R, a New York State licensed clinical social worker, residing in Rochester, NY.   

Whitney has worked with people experiencing mental health and physical health concerns since 2008. She has significant expertise in helping individuals experiencing challenges resulting from cancer, anxiety, depression, PTSD, life limiting and chronic illnesses, grief and loss and professional burnout/moral distress.

Online counselling

The LIW Approach

I believe that life comes in waves - sometimes big, sometimes small. Finding someone and somewhere that you are heard and seen can help you build your boat to navigate the waters that you are experiencing.

I believe that a deep and trusting connection are the foundational blocks of any good therapeutic relationship.  As a result, rapport building is of utmost importance and will continue throughout our time together. 

I believe that the best way to show up in each of our lives is to be aware of who we are ourselves - and the values we hold that we make decisions and choices from.  Getting to know yourself when you are also juggling many roles and responsibilities can be hard -- but I can help.

I use an individualized approach with my clients and I pull from multiple modalities. I believe that you are the person who is an expert in your own life. I often use humor, metaphors and visualizations in sessions. My clients tell me I am relatable, approachable and easy to open up to. You might hear me ask "do I have that right?" in session together because having your therapist truly understand what you are going through is imperative to our therapeutic relationship. 

I believe that having a space, place and opportunity to experience your whole emotional experience is vital for healing from the pressures in our lives. 

In person counseling appointments are available at my office in Pittsford, NY. I am also able to provide telehealth appointments utilizing a secure platform for any individual adult, over 18, who is located within New York State.

I have worked most often with individuals who are struggling with the impact that an illness can have on their lives, their mental health and their identity. As a result, I make 3 promises to people who choose to work with me:

  1. First, I cannot change the circumstances that have brought you looking for support. 

  2. Even though I may not be able to change what brings you to session, you will never carry the stress or burden of that experience alone in our time together.

  3. And finally, it takes a lot to make me panic or be overwhelmed -- I will not run from our work together, even when it feels hard. 

If this sounds like it makes sense to you, Contact me to get started. 

The Details


All new clients must complete the following which will be sent to you via secure portal prior to your first session: 

  1. Informed Consent for Therapy Services   

  2. Receipt of HIPAA Privacy Rights Form. This confirms that you have read, received and reviewed the Notice of Privacy Rights. 

If sessions will be completed via Telehealth, please complete:

  1. Informed Consent for Telehealth services. 

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