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Compassion Fatigue, Burnout, Moral Injury & Moral Distress

Are you a professional who is frequently working in the community, in health care or public service? 

Do you sometimes feel like you're struggling to find your compassion for those around you? Are you frequently giving grace to other people but not yourself?


LIW believes that we have a culture of expectation and hustle that has lost some of it's human compassion and understanding for what it's like to be a human living in this world sometimes. As a result, anything that isn't "positive vibes only" gets brushed aside and can make us feel like we aren't doing enough. 

Historically this has been referred to as burnout. But in new research and literature published since the COVID19 pandemic began, there has been significant progress made between distinguishing between burnout, compassion fatigue, moral injury and moral distress. Once thought to only apply to veterans, we are now seeing that the professional pressures placed on frontline workers over the past 3 years (whether in healthcare, education or public service) has done the same amount of distress to it's work force with very little to go towards prevention.


The LIW Collaborative believes that understanding what can lead to compassion fatigue, moral injury, distress, and burnout is vital in maintaining our whole health in our careers, our lives and in our communities.  

With a certification in Compassion Fatigue, training in Critical Incident Stress Management and extensive support of healthcare workers and first responders, Whitney is the right person to help you work toward feeling less frustrated and more self-compassionate.

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